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It's not about having the right opportunities. It's about handling the opportunities right.
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Elevate Your Referrals

Introducing Rize Reserve®, a custom platform designed for licensed agents seeking a smooth exit from the real estate industry while collecting commissions from their professional network. Recognizing that your network is often an agent’s most valuable asset, Rize Reserve ensures that whether you’re transitioning to pursue a new passion or contemplating retirement, you can continue earning income from the relationships you’ve cultivated over the years.

In a market inundated with fees, Rize Reserve presents a fee-free alternative, addressing challenges such as license fees, NAR/UAR fees, brokerage fees, team splits, E&O Fees, MLS expenses, and more. Our simple process involves affiliating your license with Rize Reserve, enjoying perks like zero setup or monthly fees, and collaborating with our Relay Team to seamlessly transition your network into a highly active referral business.

With over 20 years of experience, we offer the staff and systems for a world-class client experience, unwavering ethics, and the energy needed to make this a positive journey for all involved.

Rize Reserve® handles all of the marketing, nurtures contacts into clients, and provides a substantial 30% referral fee for each successful conversion. This hands-off approach empowers agents to focus solely on sending referrals while we expertly manage real estate transactions, alleviating stress and liability.

By choosing Rize Reserve, your valued network receives exceptional client care throughout the home buying or selling process, ensuring you’re kept informed on all your referrals.

Introducing Rize Reserve

The importance of having the right team to guide and onboard cannot be overstated. Our dedicated Relay Team plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and successful entry into our platform. These professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise, providing personalized support to agents embarking on this transformative journey.

The onboarding process is not just about transitioning licenses; it’s about understanding the nuances of each agent’s business, aligning strategies, and fostering a collaborative partnership. The Relay Team takes the time to comprehend the unique strengths and goals of each agent, tailoring the onboarding experience to maximize benefits.

Relay Team

Our Relay Team will engage in a comprehensive onboarding strategy session with you to comprehend the dynamics of your business, as well as your strategies for marketing and client care.

  • You select your team
  • Integrate database into our CRM
  • Setup comprehensive action plan for the coming year
  • Celebrate your style - attend closings & client appreciation events (optional)
  • Create monthly marketing pieces co-branded with you
  • Assess existing systems, business assets, and marketing

Residual Income

You earn a generous 30% referral fee for each successful conversion. This means ongoing income without the ongoing effort – a sustainable source of revenue derived from the networks you’ve cultivated over the years.

  • Get a 30% referral when your database buys or sells with us
  • Get a 30% referral when you send us a direct referral
  • We pay you a 30% referral fee from your database FOREVER
  • Continue to grow your database and increase your income potential

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“Reserve” conveys the concept of securing and preserving valuable assets, mirroring our commitment to safeguarding agents’ networks and income potential. Together, “Rize Reserve” encapsulates the transformative experience we offer – a reserve of elevated opportunities and sustained income for agents navigating a seamless transition from their real estate careers. If you choose to come back into the business, nobody knows you left.

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